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Keely Lowe


Keely Lowe started Keep Calm Call A Cleaner over four years ago while attending college for Community Counseling. With her passion for helping others the leap from assisting people with their emotional well-being to assuring families live in a less stressful environment was not too difficult. With two children of her own that are close in age, Keely understands how busy a day can be whether you are a stay at home Mom or working full time. "If I knew how helpful hiring a cleaner was to young families I would have done it when my babies were little, without a doubt!" says Keely. She believes the time she spent as a stay at home Mom, working as a cleaner in a hotel chain, in retail, as a business owner and as a student have all helped her in growing this business. "Going above and beyond for the client is the most important thing. As I work I like to think, what would make my clients day a little easier, and a little happier when they walk in that door today?"

Christopher Young


Christopher Young is a Father of three & loves the outdoors, skiing and cooking. He is a certified Red Seal Chef, and a certified level three ski instructor and has worked for almost a decade as a landscaper. He loves sharing his passion for food with his clients by prepping/preparing meals, catering or just offering suggestions on what delicious meal to make with the ingredients you already have in your fridge. Chris is always happy when there are outdoor chores to be done like gardening, landscaping or cleanup. Chris LOVES to organize, give him your messiest, most crammed closet and he will work wonders!

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